A New Genre

How it all started

The concept of screening concerts and stage performances at local cinemas originate from the U.S. The year was 2006 and Peter Gelb, General Manager at The Metropolitan in New York, decided to pursue an idea of broadcasting famous stage performances live from their opera house to local cinemas all around the world. The success was unimaginable! Since then, this brand new genre has evolved and is today an equally important part of each cinema repertoire as a classic James Bond movie.

What is Live Cinema?

It's new | It's live | It's yours to experience

Live Cinema is focusing on a brand new repertoire of live performances possible to screen at local cinemas. We have previously seen opera, ballet and theatre performances in movie theatres, but now Live Cinema also brings pop and rock concerts together with musical theatre performances to the big screen.

Each performance is captured live in High Definition and 5.1 sound. In most cases they will also be broadcasted live in realtime to the local cinema, and in some cases it will be screened later. Please see each separate event for information about what applies for each performance. Whether the transfer is done in real time or is delayed, each performance will always give the audience a unique experience. Thanks to the high quality regarding sound and video at each screening, together with a strong personal commitment from the event staff, we dare to promise an experience you will never forget.

Thanks to more and more cinemas converting to digital technology, Live Cinema can now give you access to concerts and stage performances from all over the world. The digital technique have opened a window and given us an opportunity we can't neglect. Never again should you miss your favourite performance! Live Cinema grants you access to world renowned concerts and stage performances - LIVE at your local CINEMA.

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